3D Sculpting, Modelling, and Production:        

 Pixologic Zbrush, Autodesk Maya, Marvelous Designer, Xnormal, Allegorithmic: Substance Painter, Toolbag Marmoset

2D Programs and Painting Software:                  

  Adobe Photoshop, Pixologic Zbrush,  Adobe After Effects


Contract Character Artist
Virtually Invincible – VR Disc League                                                                           May  2016 – Feb 2017

Designed to run on mobile VR platforms. I served as Character Artist for the  project, I discussed concepts with the creative head of the project, used Zbrush to sculpt out ideas, then retopologized for high resolution polygon extraction to be used for normal maps and AO detail, as well as low resolution models for the in-game, engine.

Contract Character Artist
Electronic Arts – NBA Live 15, Madden 16, Rory Mcilroy PGA Tour                     Feb  2014 – Feb 2016

Collaborated with Outsource developers to produce several assets for future, upcoming titles. I was given the opportunity to Art-Direct them for the Frostbite Engine in the PBR workflow, and other platforms currently in use at EA Sports. I also updated several assets where necessary and implemented scan-data to improve normal maps for sideline and crowd assets.

Contract Sculptor/Modeller
MFV/Icarus Studios – Unnamed Project                                                                           June  2013 – Nov 2013

Sculpted and textured assets necessary for 3D print and digital production. Sculpted assets with Zbrush, then posed and rendered using 3DStudio Max. Assets met several reviews until final approval by studio and licensor.

Environment / Asset Artist  
Gambit Games LLC – Save the Dodos (Mobile App)                                                     Aug  2012 – Dec 2012

Sculpted assets in Zbrush, re-topologized, then created necessary assets to bake into, and create texture maps.This game began as a Rapid Prototyping project and, has since, been developed into a fully-functional mobile app that has caught the attention of many local businesses in the Orlando area


   University of Central Florida, Interactive Entertainment Academy (FIEA)      Aug 2011 – Dec 2012

    Master of Science in Interactive Entertainment   

  Ai Miami International University of Art and Design (AiMIU)                                Oct  2003 –  Oct 2006

    Bachelor of Fine Art in Computer Animation   

Cohort 8 Most Innovative Rapid Prototyping Demo Award              


Honorable Mention in MIU 8th Quarter Portfolio Assessment

President’s List (4.0 Quarter GPA), Ai MIU