EA Sports


Here’s a video of some of the assets I worked on for RM PGA Tour. I had the opportunity to work on EA’s Frostbite engine and workedd on Dustin Johnson’s attire and  created the texture maps for pre-existing assets like his shirt, pants, and shoes from photo-reference designated by my lead. There are 4 outfits in total.


I was lucky enough to work with the NBA Live 15 team this year. Although much of my time there was spent updating existing assets that I cannot fully take credit for, as well as working from proprietary software, I was fortunate enough to add a few new assets to the game.

Head Coach Attire Update

Working with scan data, provided by an outside vendor, I created low-resolution assets for production. Below is the hi resolution geometry showing the details extracted from the scan-data, and the low resolution geometry for use in-game.

Bench Player Warm-ups

A lot of time and research was spent developing proprietary scanning techniques as documented here by the team’s Art Director, Paul Kashuk. Using scan data we produced internally, I extracted normal map data, as-well-as created low resolution geometry for use in-game. Finally, I had the opportunity to update the texture maps for each team as the warm-up design had changed from NBA Live ’14, to ’15.

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